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Thomas R.S. Burgin Parents Fund

Most of the children in our care are at least two grade levels behind when they come to us and struggle in school. We believe a quality education is the cornerstone of their success. We engage an education specialist to supervise all Individual Education Plans and provide professional tutoring services in reading, math, language arts, PSAT and SAT preparation to our children. Our education services are funded by philanthropy.

For children who are 18 years old and have “aged out” of foster care, we have the Thomas R. S. Burgin “Parents” Fund.   In most instances, we are the only families our teens have. We offer staff support and financial assistance so they can attend college or vocational school. Because of the generosity of our donors and the Burgin Fund, we provide scholarship assistance and serve as a source of emergency funding for any former client of one of our foster care programs.  In 2016, 30 young adults who have previously "aged out" of the agency's foster care programs continue to recieved support through the Burgin Fund and a variety of agency programs.  

To learn more about our educational services please read our case for support by clicking here.

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