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Support for Adoptive or Kinship Families

Adoption is a life-changing experience for both the parents and the child. We believe families thrive when they have support during the challenging times that may occur. We offer a variety of services for adoptive families.

  • Post Adoption Counseling Services (PACS)

We also offer support and informational services for families formed through kinship legal guardianship through:

  • KinKonnect
  • KLG Counseling

A phone call to Children's Aid and Family Services at 201.261.2800 is the beginning of a fulfilling new chapter in your life. Our Recruitment Specialist will personally help you with any questions you may have about our adoption services.

New Jersey Adoption Resource Clearing House (NJ*ARCH) 

The New Jersey Adoption Resources Clearing House (NJ*ARCH) is a statewide one-stop adoption information and resource service for those touched by adoption.

NJ*ARCH provides adoption advocacy, support, education, information, and resource services to adoptees, adoptive and pre-adoptive families, families interested in adoption, and professionals and community members interested in adoption issues.

Services are provided via the NJ*ARCH website, and a toll-free Warm Line which is staffed 40 hours per week. Click here to visit the NJ ARCH website or call the toll free number at 877.4.ARCHNJ or 877-427-2465.


Post Adoption Counseling Services (PACS)

Post Adoption Counseling Services (PACS) are available to any family that resides in Bergen, Passaic, or Essex Counties and has an adopted child under the age of 21. Although the majority of adopted children adjust well to their adoptive status, there are a considerable number of children and families that face challenges that are unique to the adoption experience. Services include family and/or individual therapy, wraparound services and support groups.

An adoptive parent support group meets in our Fair Lawn office. Meetings are scheduled for the third Friday of each month, from 6:30-8pm. Please contact Kate Hamilton at (201)740-7126 for more information and to register for meetings.

All Post Adoption Counseling Service clinicians specialize in the clinical concerns of adoption including, but not limited to: identity issues; loss and separation; curiosity about origins; and feelings of difference. There is no fee for the any of the PACS services provided to families, and services are available in our Fair Lawn and South Orange offices. Contact the program director at (201)740-7124 for information or to discuss services.



The New Jersey Kinship Legal Guardianship Resource Clearing House (KinKonnect) is a web-based service that provides resources and information to families involved with kinship care in the state of New Jersey.

KinKonnect is "an information center for Kinship Legal Guardianship families." KinKonnect provides information, advocacy, support, education and resource services to those involved with Kinship Care. Services are provided via the KinKonnect website, and a toll-free Warm Line number. Visit the KinKonnect website or call the toll free number at 877- KLG-LINE or 877-554-5463.


KLG Counseling

Children's Aid and Family Services provides KLG counseling to families that reside in Bergen, Passaic and Essex Counties, excluding Newark. This service is available to families that have achieved kinship legal guardianship through the Division of Child Protection and Permanency. There is no fee charged for services that include individual and/or family therapy, educational and wraparound support. Services are provided either in-home or in our Ridgewood or South Orange offices. To learn more, contact the program director at (201) 740-7124. To find similar services in other areas of New Jersey, visit and click on "Resources."