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Pregnant-Considering Adoption?

Children's Aid and Family Services' team of professional counselors can provide the guidance to help you make an informed decision, should you wish to create an adoption plan for your baby. To help while you are testing the separation process and considering your decision about adoption, your baby can be temporarily placed with a foster family for short-term care.

If you do decide to place your child for adoption, every effort will be made to meet your specific requests, including the race and religion of the adoptive family and establishing contact with them. As the birth parent(s), you'll have a support system in place to help you face the variety of emotional issues surrounding adoption, such as separation and loss, grief and mourning, guilt and depression.

The agency offers a support group for birth parents in all stages of the adoption process, including those who are considering adoption, have placed their child for adoption, or are in the process of seeking and reuniting with their adopted child.