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Our Foster Homes

In the best of worlds, all children should have the love and stability of a nurturing family, but, sadly, that is far from the reality for too many infants, toddlers and school-age children in New Jersey. A heartbreaking number - upwards of thousands each year - suffer from abuse, neglect and continual instability factors that can only negatively impact the development of a child and turn the possibility of a promising future into a bleak picture of hopelessness and despair.

At Children’s Aid and Family Services, we provide therapeutic out of home care for traumatized children who have been wounded by abuse.   As they heal from that trauma, our hope is they can once again live with family; either a birth or adoptive family. 

Depending on the needs of the individual child they may be in any one of our programs; therapeutic foster care or professional parent foster care.

Treatment in our programs are provided by an interdisciplinary team, which includes all youth counselors, therapists, case managers, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, and administrative and supervisory personnel. Educational professionals are also available as needed.  Click here for information on careers at Children’s Aid and Family Services. 

The children in our care also receive other support including medical and educational advocacy.  Click to learn more about our educational support . Click to learn more about our medical services advocacy center