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Foster Care Services

What is Foster Care?

Foster Care is a temporary placement that helps children to prepare for either the return of their birth parents or for another more permanent placement, such as adoption.

Why are children placed in foster care?

Children are often placed in foster care because they have suffered abuse, neglect, and trauma.  They need the love, guidance and stability of a family to help them heal and eventually become happy, healthy, and self-confident. 

What is a foster child like?

The foster children in our care range in age from infants to older teenagers.  The infants and toddlers usually have special medical needs.  They often suffer from the complications of being born prematurely and have a variety of medical conditions, such as asthma, development delays and cardiac conditions. 

The older children in our care have often experienced abuse, neglect, trauma and multiple moves.  They may have behavioral or emotional challenges as a result.  They need loving, stable families who can provide for their emotional, physical and educational needs. 

What does a foster parent do?

Foster parents play a huge role in the healthy development of a child.  They provide a stable, nurturing and safe home life, helping their children get ready for school every day, going over their homework with them and taking them to doctor’s appointments.  They also serve as role models, showing the child how to live with a family and the importance of being a member of a healthy family. 

What is it like to be a foster parent at Children's Aid and Family Services?

Children's Aid and Family Services helps some of the most vunerable children with special medical, emotional and behavioral needs. Because of this, we have several opportunities for foster parents such as providing therapeutic foster care to older children or serving as a professional parent in an agency home. One of our recruitment specialists can explain these opportunities in more detail.

  • If you're thinking "What is the next step to find out more about fostering a child?," here are some suggestions:
  • Call 201-261-2800 to speak to one of our recruitment specialists - they will be happy to answer your questions!
  • Email our recruitment specialists at
  • Attend an Adoption/Foster Parent Orientation to learn what's involved in becoming a foster parent. Register by calling our recruitment specialists at 201-261-2800. Click here for our calendar of events.
  • Click here to read more about becoming a therapeutic foster parent.