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The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources


The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources serves as a resource to all those who come to us seeking more information, education, abuse prevention or assistance with alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Programs include Strengthening Bergen's Families, a 14-week program to develop and strengthen parents' confidence in their ability to supervise and support their children and to help them learn effective communication skills and the importance of their role in the family. Positive Parenting is a three-session program to help build resiliency in children and to foster understanding and communication between parents and teens. Children in the Middle helps children coping with divorce by teaching parents how to communicate more effectively to reduce the stress their children experience. Other school-based programs provide practical tips on ways to keep children and teenagers safe in today's world.

Every Person Influences Children" (EPIC) parenting program is dedicated to providing parents and caregivers with the support and parenting education they need. Parents learn to develop more confidence in what they already know while adding new skills to help raise children to become responsible and caring adults. The Single Parent Groups" offer support and parent education, and the "Individual Skill Development for Parents" is open to parents wanting assistance in parenting their child(ren) with specific goals to be accomplished.

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Watch the Bergen County Prevention Coalition PSA below. The first is a shorter version and the video on the bottom is the full version of the video.  The voices of Addiction of Bergen County.  For more information contact The Center for Drug and Alcohol Resources at 201 261 2800.

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