Children Awaiting Adoption

There are many children in the agency's care who are waiting for a loving family to adopt them. The agency provides training, support and counseling services to adoptive children and their families every step of the way.

Our featured children here are currently legally free for adoption. To inquire about the adoption process or for more information on a specific child, please contact Adrian Benitez at (201) 740-7011 or email

Not ready for Adoption? Could I Become a Foster Parent with Children's Aid and Family Services? Opening your home and opening your heart as a foster parent to an older child is extremely rewarding, but how do you know if it's right for you? Please call our family recruiter to learn more (201) 261 2300.

Wafiq October 1997
Tydrionna June 1999
Tanasia June 1997
Sharik March 1998
Shaleenee July 1995
Quonyeia September 2006
Qu'Ranah January 2005
Nasir July 2003
Na'Jee July 1999
Markius June 1996
Madelleine March 1996
Larnie August 1994
Kiya October 2002
Kayla October 1998
Jorge May 2005
Jonathan May 1998
Jasmine October 1996
James January 2001
Jahmeal January 2001
Izon April 1999
Infiniti January 2001
Elijah October 2002